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Yoga & Meditation
"Yoga is not simply a pose. It is a remembering, a becoming." 
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My name Carina Bogner and my heart is always burning for adventure! I have always had the urge to explore new places and new things, so after many travels and graduating from uni, I left my motherland Austria for the big city life in London. In between 3 jobs (one being primary school teacher), excessive parties and a lifestyle that was burning the candle at both ends I also rediscovered yoga (my first meeting with yoga was in my hometown at 16 years old). In contrary to an otherwise hectic and unhealthy pace that i was living, this new found practice was the only thing that made me feel peaceful. However on day I arrived at a point of burn out, hopelessness, having no vision for the future and questioning the whole meaning of existence.....

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“ Yoga is for EVERYONE.
No matter your age, flexibility or strength, the practice meets you where you are.
Let me guide you into your magic. ”
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Carina Bogner