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Hi, and a very warm welcome to my website!

My name is Carina Bogner and my heart is always burning for adventure! I have always had the urge to explore new places and new things, so after many travels and graduating from uni, I left my motherland Austria for the big city life in London. In between 2 jobs (I was a primary school teacher and picked up night shifts in a very trendy bar in West London), excessive parties and a lifestyle that was burning the candle at both ends I also rediscovered yoga (my first yoga activation was at age 16). In contrary to an otherwise hectic and unhealthy pace that I was living, this new found practice was the only thing that made me feel peaceful. However, one day I arrived at the point of burn out, hopelessness, having no vision for the future and questioning my whole existence.....

I booked myself into a teacher training in Ibiza in 2013 and my life was turned upside down. One month spent on top of a mountain, practicing yoga and meditation all day, every day, eating clean, no distractions available, was the most life changing experience I have had so far. For the first time I truly felt my body and realised how disconnected I was from myself. Instead I was chasing after happiness and fulfilment, searching for it desperately on the outside. Many tears and stored up feelings were released during this time and I felt a deep healing slowly coming over me through practice and supported by the land of the island. 

It was set in the beautiful Ibizan rocks that I would be back! I flew to London, packed my stuff and without plans or a secure job set up a home on the island and never looked back! 

Based on my personal experience I share my passion and knowledge of movement and bodywork, supporting YOU on your journey back to yourself, your inner voice and guidance and rediscovering your spark!

We live in a very contradictive time and are influenced by social media, corporations and society. On the other hand we have access to endless information about what is really happening in the world, new technologies and ideas. However all of this can somehow leave us feeling lost, stressed out and confused. So what is the way to find TRUE HAPPINESS? How can we experience ABUNDANCE, JOY, WELLBEING & PEACE?

My dharma (purpose) is to serve as a guide and accompany your journey to reconnect to your HEART, your EMOTIONS and your inner teacher (atman). Through the tools of smoothly flowing asana practice, transformational breath work and awareness I will offer you a pathway back to a more RELAXED state of being. 

You are a divine being with limitless potential and I am here to remind you of that!

To dive more intensively into your healing journey I offer several retreats in Ibiza and some handpicked destinations around the world.


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